Tuesday, October 17, 2006

READER MAIL: Yes, We Get Mail

I'm serious when I say I want input. If you have something worthwhile to say, it will be included in some capacity on this site.

couldnt agree more with the Penn St article, i went to the Northwestern
game a few weeks ago and even though it was rainy and cold as **** cant beat
that place. however i have decided that i am going to have to parachute
down to the stadium because i cant take the ****ing traffic there anymore.
i actually have a good leaving a parking garage story for you some time.

on a side note (do you like writing)?

Thank you for padding my ego Marc from Arlington, VA. Like the “Supreme Commander” was on shaky ground in the ego department.

Do I like writing? Gather 'round for I shall tell you a tale.

I hated my last job because I was supervised... teh guy who picked a name that essentially means "the ruler of all" was supervised. Most days I woke up and prayed I'd get axed. Then I decided praying wasn't enough, so actually did something about it. I didn’t do my assignments anymore, was an abrasive jerk, I didn’t shave as a visual cue to show my disdain for my employer, always came in late and "took lunch" early then went straight home.

On the bright side I now enjoy what I do, although I now can't make enough to eat.

We get messages from MySpace as well. This was a momentous message because Bev from Oklahoma City, OK gets it.

Love the name! Took me a minute to get it, but very creative! :-)
HALLELUJAH! Shma yisra'el adonay elohenu adonay ekhad!!!

I’m not a smart man. The only woman I ever loved and my immediate family wouldn’t let me forget this. I hate Christmas.

But come on, seriously. Say WEIGHED BLOGGS aloud while looking at the friggin cartoon.

Thank you, Bev. You are definitely fun.

Drop us a line and we'll respond.

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