Monday, October 23, 2006

NFL: Tiki Barber is Like a Minature Buhda, Covered in Hair

By Steve "Supreme Commander" Cernak

Ohhhhhhhh Tiki. You are a legend. LEGEND. He is the best offensive player in Giants history and possibly the best player in team history. He very well could be more important to the Giants than Lawrence Taylor. Did I just say that? The argument will hold water IF the Giantswin a Super Bowl.

Check this out: Amani, Shockey, Burress, Strahan, Umenyiora, Pierce, Madison, Wilson, Arrington, Tyree, Morton, Feely, Feagles... it goes on and on. Arrington likely is out for the year, which sucks, but I'm still giddy.

Good Lord. Ernie Accorsi, that is legit GM'ing. Now, it's the players and Mr. Coughlin, Mr. Lewis and Mr. Hugnafel... don't screw this up. They aren't though. Coughlin had a heart-to -heart with his players and look at how the defense tightened up after the bye week. The offense stopped taking stupid penalties as well.

Hahaha. Eveything I just wrote didn't factor in young studs Eli Manning or Brandon Jacobs.

You picked a good year to call it quits Tiki. I wish you'd come back next season though.

Note that I literally am knocking on wood now.

* I'm taking the next few days off to take care of some personal stuff. Be back soon though.

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