Monday, October 23, 2006


Idealistic nerds everywhere rejoice! There is finally a fantasy league available for you, Fantasy Congress.

Too bad it is a worthless piece of $%&*. Living walking distance from Georgetown, I can tell you that the Hill is staffed with morons in their 20s whose parents pay for their Burberry and $1,500 a month in rent. Living like you are worth something is hard to do on $28,000 annually.

Despite getting press in the New York Times, this is one of the worst constructed leagues in fantasy history. It lacks vision and practical application. People interested in this league are the ones whose parents would not let them participate in sports “where a ball could hit my baby in the face.” Obviously, they have no understanding of competition when everyone in their youth soccer league “won” a trophy.

I set up my team, “My priest touched me” (I was disappointed to see Foley was ineligible) with grand aspirations. I win most of the leagues I participate in, why should his be any different?

Well, I stopped five minutes into the process because you do not draft in this league and there are no restrictions. Everyone is a FA and every team can have an identical roster. This is an excercise in participation rather than a competition.

I will never get those five minutes back and I am genuinely enraged. Complete and utter waste of me.

Final verdict: an idealistically horrendous waste of time perfect for individuals who grew up pretending to compete and have a cabinet full of complimentary participation trophies.

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