Monday, December 18, 2006

SPORTS: Isiah Thomas Has Gotta Go

Monday is usually reserved for the weekend sports recap, but the Madison Square Garden Brawl between the Knicks and Nuggets is the only topic I can think about at the moment.

Isiah Thomas
has been on my **** list for years, following one horrible basketball decision with another. This weekend, he took his ineptitude to the next level. Chris Sheridan reported Saturday that Thomas warned Carmelo Anthony not to play in the paint at the end of the game, and video evidence backed up Sheridan's story.

At first, this loyal Knicks fan blamed JR Smith for starting the fight after he tried to tackle Nate Robinson. (Mardy Collins delivered a hard foul, it happens.) But after listening to the post game interview and reading about Isiah's warnings, it became clear that Thomas started this whole scenario. The fans were getting ready to rain the Garden with boos for yet another blow out loss at home, so why not take the focus away from Isiah's horrible team?

Everyone gets on Carmelo Anthony for his part--the most vicious part--in the brawl. I don't see it that way. I likely would have popped a gasket if the other team's coach warned me not to be in the paint, where Collins hard foul initiated a brawl.

Wouldn't you stick up for your teammate? So, sure, Melo sucker punched and ran, but I'm sure he saw Collins' foul as the same thing.

So I apologize for the quick sports rundown, but all I can think about is how much damage Isiah Thomas has dealt my favorite team since 2003. I can't even say the end is near either, as the worst owner in all of professional sports, James Dolan, gave Isiah the rest of the season to turn things around. Ugh.

Terrell Owens was, well, himself.
The Giants are done and Tom Coughlin lambasted Eli Manning.
The Bears clinched home field advantage.
The Chargers won despite getting nothing from Philip Rivers.
The Jets and Bills both stayed alive.

NCAA Basketball
No. 7 Wisconsin's Alando Tucker buried Aaron Gray and No. 2 Pittsburgh. (I watched this game and Wisconsin looked to be a vastly superior team).
Greg Oden (the player the Knicks should be drafting but won't because of friggin Isiah Thomas) is the most efficient college basketball player I have ever seen.

The Red Sox are having second thoughts about JD Drew.
The Yankees, Braves and Pirates discussed a three way trade.

The Atlantic Division-leading Rangers were blown out on back-to-back nights, at a combined 15-3.

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