Monday, November 13, 2006

UFC: Ultimate Finale Delivers Comraderie, Excitement, and Intense Action

The following submission was written by Scott Tanner

Travis Lutter and Matt Serra won their TUF4 final matches and will compete for the UFC title in their respective weight class in 2007. They also won $100,000 in cash, $100,000 sponsorship from Xyience and assorted prizes.

In the middleweight bout, Jiu-Jitsu black belt Lutter backed up his claim of a quick victory over striker Patrick Cote with an arm-bar at 2:18 of the opening round. Lutter capitalized on take-down training he received during TUF from none other than Randy “The Natural” Couture. Lutter’s ground dominance was obvious as he stayed busy and gained side control.

Cote’s arm sprang loose. Despite Lutter’s unconventional positioning, he made good on being a long favorite.

The following Welterweight final went to Matt “The Terror” Serra, in a match that could have gone either way.

Serra and house friend Chris “Lights Out” Lytle fought an exhausting three round battle that left everyone on the edge of their seat. Serra, who came from behind to win rounds two and three, showed slightly more aggression and octagon control than Lytle.

Lytle clinched to his advantage, landing body shots and numerous foot stomps to force the action to his jiu-jitsu background. His takedown defense was punctuated with an impressive sprawl that confounded Serra for the first two rounds.

Serra took Lytle to the mat in the third, but Lytle’s guard was effective. Referee Herb Dean stood them up as a result. Serra’s frustration was apparent but clinched immediately and stayed close to negate Lytles superior striking.

Serra will get a shot at the welterweight champion in ’07, the winner of next week’s long awaited match between Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre.

“Where’s Sean Sherk? Is he in the crowd? I’m coming for you Sean,” Din Thomas said after a quick rear naked choke submission over his lightweight opponent Rich Clementi.

Fight of the night honors goes to the middleweight pals Scott Smith and Pete Sell. Delivering on a promise to entertain, the two came out swinging in the first round, trading leather and—get this—high fived each other as they delivered punishing blows.

The first round ended with each looking like they went five rounds. The fireworks continued in the second as Sell, bleeding from below his eye, landed a huge left to Smith’s body. Sell moved in to finish, but as he closed in Smith came out of his doubled-over position and drilled Sell with a huge right hand. Referee John McCarthy proclaimed Smith the winner by KO at 3:25 of the second.

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