Monday, November 27, 2006

SPORTS: Recapping the Weekend

NCAA Football
Chuck Amato was fired yesterday as head coach of the North Carolina State Football Program. Also fired was Alabama coach Mike Shula, who finished a disappointing 6-6 this season after posting a 10-2 record in 2005. (Full story on Sports RX)

As expected, USC jumped Michigan and moved up to No. 2 in Sunday's Bowl Championship Series standings. For those in favor of a Michigan-Ohio State matchup for the national title, Los Angeles Times journalist and true homer Chris Dufresne defends USC's ranking and talks about the present and future of the BCS system.

The frustration behind Ben Wallace's insubordination Saturday night has been brewing since the first week of training camp. According to league and Bulls sources, Ben Wallace has felt unfairly singled out by team rules that have taken away his pregame music, his headband and his tape-free ankles. (Full story on

A frustrated Michael Vick saluted Atlanta fans with the same middle finger that has helped him throw so many incomplete passes this season. Sports Frog tracked down photo evidence and commented on the heinous event.

NCAA Basketball
A crazy start to the 2006-07 college basketball season continued on Friday night when Kansas knocked off top-ranked Florida. Check out how that and other weekend action affected Bracketology 101's First Field of 65.

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