Friday, November 10, 2006

NBA: New NBA Shoe Commemorates Worst Knicks Team Ever

by Steve "Supreme Commander" Cernak

James Dolan, Madison Square Garden Chairman, President and CEO, announced today Nike commemorated the worst team and franchise he could possibly manage.

“I came really, really close to completely destroying the Rangers, but unfortunately Jagr got good again in New York. It means a lot that Nike would honor my destruction like this too. The shoe looks terrible. I couldn’t be happier.”

Last year’s NBA slam dunk champion Nate Robinson had the shoe named after him.

“We here at the Nike Corporation felt Stephon Marbury, Eddy Curry, Larry Brown or Isiah Thomas would have been excellent choices,” said some ranodm white collar at Nike. “But, Nate Robinson actually could have been good. His commitment to being a crowd pleaser rather than play defensive like a cornerback at Washington made him win the distinction.

Jalen Rose and Maruice Taylor flew in for the official Madison Square Garden after party.

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