Friday, October 13, 2006

FANTASY NHL: I Love Hockey and Don't Care That You Hate It

Before I get into the hockey post, I will be attending the Michigan at PSU game with Kenny Bloggins. We will update with our experiences there ASAP. Back to the post:

I'm the only American (that isn't foreign) that cares about Hockey, so I'm just going to throw out two names that will help you win your league:

Anze Kopitar: The kid can play and he's getting major minutes. He was the 11th pick in the 2005 draft and only fell that far because he's from Yugoslavia. Not exactly a strong hockey country... or strong in anything for that matter. Anyway, he's getting 20+ minutes a night.

Alexander Semin: Without a doubt, he was the NHL 2k6 MVP. First, he's got a nasty shot. Second, many drunken Swingers-esque hockey games were played and it led to many intoxicated semen-in-your-face jokes. He's a second line LW, behind possibly the best sniper in the league, Alexander Ovechkin. Teams gameplan around Ovechkin, so Semin will have benefit of dealing with the opponent's third defensive pairing.

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Anonymous said...

Actually Anze Kopitar is from Slovenia, Yugoslavia doesn't exist since 1991.
And yes - Slovenia isn’t exactly a strong hockey country but I can tell you it has some other advantages…