Thursday, October 19, 2006

FANDOM: Your Definition of a Good Fan?

This topic came from a post I started on RealGM's Knick message board. These are selected responses.

ME: To me it's simple: a good fan follows his/her team through thick and thin, but does it with a self-critical honesty. A good fan holds everyone accountable for mistakes, praises those who deserve it, keeps everything in context and understands the present from a historical context. (In other words, I'm essentially describing me. What makes you a good fan?)

Bill Bradley:
A good fan shows unconditional love for its players, no matter how badly they hinder the team's success. Unless of course the players don't get along with the GM or do in fact listen to their coach. Oh, that's only if the GM is Isiah Thomas and the coach is Larry Brown. In that case, it's okay to bash the players but you would definitely be a hater if you bashed other players that were more loyal to the GM. It also depends on where the players are from and there may be racial issues to consider as well.

Bernard King:
cant say what a good fan is for a fact. I know what i consider to be a good fan but I cant tell other people how to be a good fan. In my OPINION a good fan like a good player should be unselfish and put the team first and their own ego second.

One who always wants the team to do good, but doesn't neccisarily have to support and love each and every player or agree with the moves that the team is making.

I guess a good fan is one who supports his team with optimism and enthusiasm every season. A good fan doesnt follow blindly but a real fan would never root for their team to lose just so they can look smart on an internet message board.

you know who you are

Let's go Knicks! (And for _CBS7_) Good luck Raptors!

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