Thursday, October 19, 2006

FANDOM: Your Definition of a Good Fan (part II)?

More articulate responses have appeared as to what makes a good fan. Each entry comes from this RealGM message board.

Each poster quoted is a Knicks fan. New York sports fans are often credited with being among the most knowledgable in the sports landscape, but the majority of Knicks fans who are internet savvy have yet to taste a championship.

These definitions of what a fan is come from one of the most tortured fanbases around and from The Basketball Mecca, as Bill Simmons put it, "where professional basketball truly resonates."

The Knicks are my pro-sports team of choice. I've seen the Knicks ascend to Championship aspirations only to get set-up for a crushing blow. Last year I witnessed arguablely the worst season in team history and possibly the worst dollar-for-dollar team in professional sports history.

The quoted posters have experienced many of the same things. This unique perspective is invaluable to understanding sports.

Enjoy round 2:

Bill Bradley (part II): Truth be told, I think the whole notion of a "good fan" and a "bad fan" is kind of silly. I mean, a fan is a fan, and people root for their team in different ways. Some choose to applaud every move and root hard for every player, while others may actually hope that the team tanks so that real changes will be made. I think all kinds of fans have the same ultimate goal in mind- a championship- and I don't think that you can say one person is a "better" fan than another.

blue seats: I consider myself a fan because of my fanatical interest in the team and my desire that we should rule the league for generations.

But I have zero interest in fitting into other's notions of what constitutes a "good fan" or a "real fan." A plain old paper bag fan is quite sufficient for my needs.

As far as message board participation goes, I find the "real fans" to be some of the most difficult people to hang out with.

Starksfor3: When you feel true anguish and pain from a team's failures and pure unadulterated ecstasy when they succeed, you know you're a fan. And even when you want to quit on them because they make you miserable....but you still keep watching and rooting for them, you're a fan.

It doesn't matter how critical you are of the players or if you disagree with how the organization does certain things. If wins/losses affect your emotions, you're a TRUE fan.

Knick 4ever: A good fan is one who always wants his team to be successful. I want the knicks to win all 82 games and win the championship. I bash anyone who fails to deliver like I know they can.

Brownsville's Finest: (A true fan) gives the team a clean slate every year.

duetta: A fan is, by definition, a person who keeps showing up to watch the games week after week, and night after night.

I don't see how being a good fan should have anything to do with leaving your brain at the door, and treating the decisions of the GM, coach, or owner as somehow unfallible - unless you think that also makes you a good person in life, an ideal that I could never agree with.

pedsdmd: A Good Fan supports his team unconditionally when they are out on the court.

Whether they are in first place or Last.

A Good fan should be like a family member. You accept your family for there good and bad faults. You may not agree with everything they do but you wish the best for them and help them succeed

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